Thursday, December 5, 2013

Amazing Kids

Amazing Kids

1) Ryan Hreljac
Ryan had made an organization called Ryan's well foundation. He had taken a lot of time and some money to help out these people in Africa and other places. The reason he had made wells in Africa was because the people from the village mainly the women had to walk miles with buckets on their head and get water for the family and then they had to walk back.

2) Louis Braille
Louis Braille very known for this was blind at the age of 3 and had made this form of reading for blind people. The only thing it was was a bunch of dots. It was named after his last name braille, and truly this is an amazing kid. For someone that had went blind at such a young age and wanted to make it to where other blind people could read and learn from that.

3) Koa Halpern
Koa was a kid who had this foreign guy coming over and the first thing the foreign guy wanted to do was try an American fast food restaurant. Koa was a vegetarian and he wasn't sure why he wanted to try fast food. So later Koa had researched fast food and found out that fast food is very unhealthy but also it can hurt the environment. He spent time on his project and it was called Growing Healthier Kids. He would have these children Pledge to not eat fat food for a certain out amount of time. After the pledge most of the kids would not eat fast food ever again.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge #9a

Blogging Challenge
Challenge #9a
My favorites

My favorite candy is Reece's peanut butter cup

My favorite Drink is Mountain Dew

My favorite food is watermelon

My favorite sport is wrestling

My favorite water park is Kalahari

My favorite subject is Physical Education

My favorite video game currently is Call of Duty Ghosts

My favorite rapper is Eminem

Friday, November 8, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge #6

Blogging Challenge
Challenge #6

Other peoples ancestors were born in different countries than you may think, for instance my grandma was born in Paris, France but I was Born in U.S., In. One of my Friends Grandpas was born in U.K. and others had people from Russia, Australia. China, and Japan. We may not get full genetics from them but at least you know you have some of that race in you. I personally think it's cool to find out where your older family had come form and to learn what it was like.

Student blogging Challenge #7

Blogging Challenge
Challenge #7

I think that students are just as connected and if not then they are more connected because we are always on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snap-chat and other sites that are like socially connectable with other people. We both are always staying in touch with the people we love and our family and friends.
We also can stay connected without Internet because we have phones and mouths. I think that when we talk more on the internet we are growing in a social kind of way because we are learning how to do something that you don't have to be face to face in fact you can be across the world and other people
can see what you think and what you have to say.