Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging Challenge-Challenge #2

Blogging Challenge
Freedom of choice

I think that sports are very important to us today. I say this because so many kids are obese or overweight. They are overweight because so many kids don't care about what they eat or how much body fat the food they eat has. I on the other hand weigh 85 pounds like sports don't eat much and like to run. People that eat from fast food restaurants like McDonalds or Burger King or maybe even Taco Bell are eating so much grease and meat that they are getting to so fat that they can't even go anywhere without a wheelchair or someone to help. I think that what Obama is trying to do will help us, but then again think a little he doesn't need to be telling kids parents that their kids are eating too much and now schools are barely even giving anything to eat, such as my old school can't even get full off of one plate. I think that Obama should stay out of this kind of stuff because we should have control over how much we eat and that is our decision. All I am getting at is people should play more sports eat as much as they want and we all be happy. I see another problem or conflict with sports many kids are overweight because sports are being disabled in some schools and that is because of injuries and not enough money to pay for equipment and stuff like that.

Blogging Challenge-Challenge #3

Blogging Challenge
Challenge #3
   I have just finished washing my clothes and found one sock that is now full of holes. I can’t use it as a sock, but list 10 other ways I could use the sock.

If I had a sock that had holes in it I would do a lot more things then just 10, i mean not to be weird or anything but you can use a sock for a lot more than just 10 things. 

1) I would use a sock with holes in it for a puppet if I was really bored. 

2) I would fill up the sock with candy and sew it up and use it as a pinata. 

3) I would use the sock to slap my brother with it, I mean I know it isn't the best choices of using a sock i've made. 

4) I would use the sock to wear and look like a hobo when I go outside with the sock and ripped shorts and a old tank top.

5) I could use the sock as a dust rag.

6) I could use the sock to polish my shoes.

7) I could sew it up and make a homemade hacky sack.

8) I could sew it up and make a little drink holder.

9) I could sew it up and make a coin purse. 

10) I could use it as a dog toy.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Blogging Challenge-Challenge #1

Student Blogging Challenge
10 people I would most like to meet

1. Chuck Norris, What was your strategy for the Return of the Dragon?

2. Walter Peyton, How did it feel being one of the best running backs in the world?

3. Bruce Lee, What did it feel like when you won Return of the Dragon?

4. Elvis Presley, What did it feel like being one of the best Artists in the world?

5. Michael Jordan, Can I have your autograph?

6. Adolf Hitler, Why would you kill all of the jews if you are the same ethnic group?

7. Will Smith, What does it feel like being one of the best movie stars ever?

8. Neil Armstrong, Was your foot sore after walking on the moon?

9. Jordan Maron, Are you ever nervous when you make Minecraft videos?

10. Beethoven, How did you know your music was any good if you were deaf?