Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blogging Challenge-Challenge #6

Blogging Challenge
Digital Footprints

When does my Digital Footprint start. Lets find out now.

When I am online I am usually the same person I am when I am at school or with friends. The only things I usually do is play games or I would talk to someone I know or I am really close to. When I am online I sometimes talk to my family to see what or if we are doing anything special or going to see someone. I talk a lot so sites like Facebook twitter come in handy for me. There is an upside to having Social connections, but I think that it is more healthy to actually use your voice and talk to someone instead of just staying inside all day playing COD and stuff like that. They only thing I do different on the internet is sometimes I would just log out in the middle of a conversation and the next day people would get mad at me cause they were just about to finish their text or something. In school and stuff I don't stop talking until i get in trouble or just annoy the pee out of someone. I am mainly the same person online as I am in school and other places such as: nice, funny, awesome, and well you tell me. Oh and i am never quiet.

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    Blogging Challenge-Challenge #5

    Blogging Challenge

    10 things I think may be in a forest that nobody has discovered. 

    1) A hidden treasure

    2) A man that has lived there for over 96 years and is still alive

    3) A bunch of dead stranded people

    4) A crashed plane that has a survival kit

    5) Bigfoot in a giant cave with a bunch of dead "visitors"

    6) A bunch of radios and ipads and iphones etc

    7) A giant bag of gummy bears and bubble gum

    8) 1000 ferrets that eat meat only

    9) An unauthorized Pizza Hut

    10) A treasure chest filled with a bunch of dead people