Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reflection of 7th Grade

Every time I woke up for school I was tired and Just wanted to go back to bed. I had to walk home to 

school and back home from school. I was walking home from school and I walked into my house and 

my mom was so stressed out. Then I asked her "what's wrong" and she said look for yourself. She 

showed me a picture on her phone and the vehicle was totaled. I asked her if dad was ok and she said 

yeah he is fine but the we have to pay 200 dollars + to get the vehicle back. I had transferred to 

plymouth about in the middle of the year. The reason I transferred to plymouth was because we lived in 

plymouth but went to Triton and we didn't feel like paying so much money to get us to school. The 

very first day I went to Plymouth I went to the cafeteria to find out where to sit so I sat next to Jeremy 

Drudge, and my best friend Daryn Gillioe and some other people. I would know how to spell Daryn's  

name but he moved in like 2 weeks after I transferred to the school. The nice thing that he did the day 

he moved was that he gave me a Celtics hat and I wish I could of have given him something in return. 

I would walk home with Daryn because I was bored and hate walking by myself it is just so boring. 

The kind of music that was popular was... well actually I don't know because I don't listen to music 

often. I like this school because of it's technology is a lot stronger than other schools. Plymouth schools 

are some of the few schools to own electronics to do their homework and studying on etc. It wasn't 

hard to make friends because all I had to do was sit by someone at a lunch table and they would be like 

"Hey aren't you that new kid"?