Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Online Power

I can use my online power for good by inspiring other people to keep trying and believing in themselves. I could show people how the technology we have today is good and how it affects our society in a good way. I can use my phone for communication when I need someone to pick me up or maybe even when I am in an emergency. I would be able to make communication to other students by sending them e-mails or other things to tell them changes and rules that have been made. In conclusion I have many things that I can use my online power to help anyone including some people that I do not know.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What does 21st Century Literacy mean to me?

This century's literacy is way more advanced than it was when my grandparents and parents were alive. Now we have computers to search for stuff, and back then we had to use books to get information. Technology just keeps on advancing and as it does it affects the way we learn. We can just search the internet for what words mean and I think it is a good thing because who would want to spend hours or so trying to find out what a word means when we can just search it in a matter of seconds.