Monday, October 21, 2013

National Writing Day
From my perspective I think that there are two guys that are either checking out or made this thing. I also think that this thing is some sort of fire place because you have the fire beam and glass around so it doesn't get spread, and you have the tunnel like thing at the top which would be a place for all the smoke to go so it doesn't make people sick.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day
Human Rights
Challenge 5

"You have the right to" So if we have all these rights then how come some of these aren't being enforced and shown. 

Referring to article 9 in the (CROC) children cannot be separated from their family if against our will. For example there is a big one in the world and it is kidnapping, so many teens and youths are being kidnapped off the  streets and some in their yard and it's just so wrong that this is happening. I mean why in the world would you kidnap a kid when you always have the option to adopt a child. 
Referring to article 39 in the (CROC) it says " If you have ever been abused or neglected by a parent or guardian then you have the right to go to rehab care. The thing about this one is that most children don't even think of this as an option. If you don't know what it is then in a nutshell it is a place where they will help you get better.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

Student Blogging Challenge

Challenge #4

Government Shutdown

10 ways this government shutdown can affect the U.S.

 1) This time period will make it to where you cannot go on family trips to museums, zoos, islands, etc.

2) You won't go to work if you are working for a federal government such as if you worked for airlines, such as air traffic controllers, hazardous waste handlers, and food inspectors.

3) People who drove vehicles would be taxed.

4) Postal Service works through federal government so you might not get mail.

5) If you ordered a gun or something you won't get it for a while.

6) If you wanted a loan from the government then you might not get that either for a while.

7) If you live in washington then your trash would start to pile up because no one would care.

8) The government had ran out of money on tuesday so no one would be able to get loans and you would have to pay more taxes.

9) During the last shutdown 20,000-30,000 foreigners could process their applications.

10) Over 600 toxic waste were unattended during the U.S.'s last shutdown 

Student Blogging Challenge

Challenge #3


I get up at 7:00

Food and drinks

I either walk or ride a bike

Walking 15 minutes, Biking 5 minutes

Chicken or Pizza

LA, SS, Sci, Math

Gym, and Study Hall

Mac books


Use the bathroom and get prepared for next class

I either walk or ride a bike home


180 days

Talking to friends and exercising

I like my school the way it is

Student Blogging challenge

Challenge #2

Places To Visit 9/16/13 Activity #2

I think you should visit the Centennial Park because it has a pool and giant play area for tag or something. You can go to the museum and check out some of Plymouth's history. You could
go to the library and read a lot of good books. You can go to the Blueberry Festival and buy a
lot of items and/or foods and have a good 4 day weekend. If you are an eater and you love to eat loads of food then you can go to ponderosa and get a buffet or a meal.

Student Blogging Challenge

Challenge #1

Aaron's Poem  9/13/13 Activity #1

I am Fun, Athletic, Decently smart, nice

Brother of Tyler(17), Anthony(16), Chris(14), Caleb(11)

Ninja= black kitten
Jemma= puppy pekingese/beagle

I like to do sports, games, sleep, watch movies, shoot guns

I like spiders, snakes, scorpions, squirrels, bats, dogs, cats, birds

I want to travel, do sports, get a good job

I live in Plymouth, I was born in plymouth, the first school I went to was Triton in Bourbon

Monday, October 14, 2013


This site is called wonderopolis and the wonder of the day is What is the hottest planet.
In this article I learned that Earth and Venus were aka sister planets. I also learned that mercury has no atmosphere and that is why mercury isn't the hottest planet. I knew that mercury was the closest planet to the sun. I did know that the farther you get away from  the son the cooler the temperature gets. I didn't know that the temperature for Venus was 900ºF

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Question Upon Us Boys



Society expects that boys get more mature and mannerly as they get older. They expect us boys to act like adults and young men. They think we will be more responsible. They think we were supposed to have self-independence and do everything by our self. This happens because people just make suggestions about us and the way we live. I think that most guys are treated differently than girls because girls have to go to the mall and shop every other day and that I blame society on. The guys that were stranded on the island in The Lord Of The Flies were all guys and would of have had different rules than if it was an island filled with only girls.