Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge #9a

Blogging Challenge
Challenge #9a
My favorites

My favorite candy is Reece's peanut butter cup

My favorite Drink is Mountain Dew

My favorite food is watermelon

My favorite sport is wrestling

My favorite water park is Kalahari

My favorite subject is Physical Education

My favorite video game currently is Call of Duty Ghosts

My favorite rapper is Eminem

Friday, November 8, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge #6

Blogging Challenge
Challenge #6

Other peoples ancestors were born in different countries than you may think, for instance my grandma was born in Paris, France but I was Born in U.S., In. One of my Friends Grandpas was born in U.K. and others had people from Russia, Australia. China, and Japan. We may not get full genetics from them but at least you know you have some of that race in you. I personally think it's cool to find out where your older family had come form and to learn what it was like.

Student blogging Challenge #7

Blogging Challenge
Challenge #7

I think that students are just as connected and if not then they are more connected because we are always on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snap-chat and other sites that are like socially connectable with other people. We both are always staying in touch with the people we love and our family and friends.
We also can stay connected without Internet because we have phones and mouths. I think that when we talk more on the internet we are growing in a social kind of way because we are learning how to do something that you don't have to be face to face in fact you can be across the world and other people
can see what you think and what you have to say.

Student Blogging Challenge #8

Blogging Challenge
Challenge #8

I think that a lot of creative writing is one reason for a good blog. Also based posts like one every hour or day or whatever you want to do. I also think that the more detailed you are the better understood the blog is. I stop and read posts that are like random funny true and just really point making. I also like a post that has a lot to do with real life activities just to keep me updated with what is going on in that persons life and how they are doing.