Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blogging Challenge #4

Challenge #4
What's all the blogging about?

I love sports they are fun and they teach a load of life lessons. The main sport I do is Wrestling, and I did that for 3 years now. I also have done football when I was 8 years old. I didn't know much about wrestling when I first started. I knew that you had to pin the kid, and the scoring such as 6 points for a pin 5 points for a tech and 3 points for winning by points lower than 15. When I had played football I was a safety. I thought it was boring and that the practices were too easy but it wasn't like they were make us run suicides or anything.

I wanted to be a running back or a wide receiver because I was fast and I could catch. I never got to play anything better than a safety and most of the games I was on the bench. I thought if I had ever played baseball or basketball I would disappoint my teammates or coaches. I was never that good at any of those sports. In golf when I would go to the park I would always try to hit the balls as far as possible. I never have played these sports in school: Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, and a couple of others.

Sports teach you how to be competitive, and some sports teach how how to be tough and strong. I think that Individual sports are more fun because if you lose its not your teams fault, so you can't just go home and say my team sucks and they made use lose the game. It is all on you, and you feel bad about yourself as long as you know you have tried your hardest.

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Name of Author: Mason H.

Date of Post: April 9, 2014

Title of the Post: Track

He works hard and likes the sport he does and he is passionate and confident that he likes the sport a lot. He is very dedicated to his sports and likes to play track and run. He is not the best but he keeps on practicing on his form for hurdling and speed for running track. I also ,when I play my sports, try hard to keep my form and work as hard as I possibly can in practice. He does track and I do wrestling, so they are pretty different sports and track is more of a team sport than an individual sport.

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  1. Hey I love sport too and they do teach life lessons.Head over to my blog we might have something in common