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I learn different than most others because I am  not one of those people that rush to get their homework done so I don't have homework.  School is one thing that everyone has to attend in order to get a good job and a decent amount of money.  I take my time and read the question carefully so I have a better chance at getting a good grade. I am the person who learns well when people are quiet and not interrupting.

I also do not learn well when people are being loud, disrupting, and annoying. I have a lot of goals and dreams. I have a dream to be a professional athletic but preferably an professional wrestler. I have a goal of getting the highest amount of education I can so if this job doesn't work out then I have a back up plan, instead of working at a hot dog stand or something. I feel as if my goals just keep expanding.

What I love the most is when I write an essay and it took me a while and I get a lot of positive feedback. The best way I can learn is by taking my time and and feeling comfortable in the environment I am in. I also feel as if I can learn when people at least act as my friends because that gives me hope. I also feel like the harder I try the better I will do in school and in sports and other things like that. These things in life give me hope.

When I read I don't feel as if I am getting the point of what is happening. To me reading is just boring and it isn't because I don't like reading it is just because I feel like I am glued to a chair and stuck their until I finish it. Some books, if they are really intriguing then I might be able to handle it but if they are boring then i'll get tired and doze off. I don't have a problem with reading big words as long as they aren't super long.

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