My Future Goals


Reflection - I have completed a lot of my short term goals and my long term goals will take a lot more time so I may as well make some newer goals to replace the ones I have finished.

Long term Goals - I want to be able to

Short Term Goals - I want to increase my speed in reading and typing.


Long term goals -
I have a lot of goals for now and when I am older. I have a main goal for when I am older and I always will have other goals for when and if I achieve this goal. My main goal is to go pro at wrestling and I can do that as long as my coaches know how to coach and are inspirational. I am also setting a goal for my study time because most of the time I just wait until the test comes and just do it, so now I will study for 20 minutes everyday after school or during the weekend.

Short term goals -
I have more goals to improve in math because last year I didn't do nearly as well as I could of so I am going to study hard for an easy A this year. I also want to exercise more than I usually do so now I am going to start jogging twice a day for at least 30 minutes each run.  I am going to practice on my writing skills and my creativity when it comes to LA because I am always thinking what can I do and nothing pops up so I will practice thinking deeper outside the box. I am going to improve my typing skills by maybe getting an app on my laptop.

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