5.  Should Performance Enhancing Drugs (Such as Steroids) Be Accepted in Sports?

Do you do steroids? If you are you should stop now before you ruin your body. Steroids are not healthy for the human body and no one should be using them.

First of all they are very bad for your body. They also can cause a lot of symptoms including heart diseases, strokes, and some types of cancer. There are many more and some are deadly, and can ruin your body and life. Steroids pretty much turn you into the opposite gender, because if you are a girl then your voice gets deeper, Increased facial hair growth, Shrinkage of the breasts, and your period changes. If you are a guy then your testicles and penis will shrink, breasts start developing, and you start to have pain when urinating. Yes these are a risk so they are not all promised to happen but if you keep using them then they will happen and if you stop then your muscle turns it to flabby fat. Steroids are bad for your body and they can make you look more like the opposite gender.

It is a cheaters way to get ripped and muscular. Society can’t even tell if the biggest people are naturally that big because so many people use steroids in sports and jobs. Using steroids is making your muscles grow faster than normal because you are putting artificial hormones into your body. The more artificial hormones you put into your body the more you will need to feed your body, because it’s like a kid growing through a growth spurt, as they grow they need to eat more and exercise more because their body is growing and they can’t stop eating because their growing and usually they will eat more than usual. People who use steroids are cheating and putting their live in danger and to a high risk of illnesses.

Steroids are illegal just like marijuana, cocaine, weed, etc. All these drugs are illegal but I think that Steroids can affect your body in more personal and ill ways. Steroids are not legal at all in U.S.A and I think that’s fair. Although so many people still use them I think we should enforce the law that steroids are illegal. If you played a sport would you want to know that the opponent has been using steroids for a long time and they are just ripped. Not only is it an unfair game for the legitimate people but you can get kicked out of the sport if caught and fired from your job if caught. Steroids are illegal, unhealthy, and unfair and they can get you and your body messed up.

Steroids can ruin you and your body. Steroids are very unhealthy and can cause cancer,  diseases, and death. Using steroids is cheating and unfair for the legitimate players. Steroids are just as bad as any other illegal drug because they mess up your body. In conclusion, based on evidence presented, Steroids should not be allowed in sports.

One time I was pressured into playing football at my old school by my friends. I was little brittle and weak. I joined the team anyways and their were some good moments but I didn’t want to do it that much because it was all “Work hard, Play hard” and I was more of a track kind of person than a hunky football player. I even got injured by my best friend doing some practice drills and was out for a few days. I also got plowed over by a 200 pound guy in 3rd grade, on a field goal.

I was good at catching and running, but not so much at tackling. After that year I would go down to the football field and play football with my older cousins and brothers. They would always get me into playing with peer pressure. They would say c’mon we need you please come play. My cousins weren’t my age nope they were like 17, 18, 15, 16 and some of them were my brothers.

The problem was I just never took control of myself and I just let other people do what they wanted with me. If one of you guys or girls do that then you can easily let someone take control over you, it’s just that in that grade everyone was afraid to throw a punch or slap someone because of the teachers in the hallways. I guess maybe you should just do what you want in life and not what others want you to do. Peer pressure can make us do good and bad things, but if it’s used for bad things then you should probably find new friends.

I learned that you shouldn't let other people control your life be how and what you want to be.
Is it right to peer pressure people into doing bad things. Does this matter if this kind of thing happens to a totally complete stranger. How might we stop peer pressure into doing bad things or controlling other people. What would it take for these people that are peer pressuring us into doing bad things to stop.

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